Equifax Consumer Deceased – Glitch

In the context of consumer rights protection, an error in a credit report that erroneously indicates a consumer’s death is among the most serious and troubling.

Analyzing the Problem

The “Equifax showing deceased” error often results from systemic shortcomings and human data processing errors. In such cases, an entry in the Equifax report incorrectly states that the client has died, leading to serious consequences, including credit denials and other financial difficulties.

Initial Steps for Resolution

If your Equifax report indicates that you are deceased, the first step should be obtaining and thoroughly analyzing your credit report. It is then imperative to immediately contact Equifax with a demand to correct this error, providing the relevant supporting documents.

The Legal Side of the Matter

The error when “Equifax says I’m deceased” is not only misleading but can also infringe upon your rights as a consumer. It’s important to recognize that under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you have the right to accurate and current information in your credit report.

Protecting Your Rights

If Equifax does not respond to your request or the error recurs, it is strongly recommended to seek legal assistance. It’s important to document all the steps you have taken to correct the error, including correspondence with Equifax. This may be crucial in the event of legal proceedings.


The “Equifax glitch deceased” error requires immediate attention and resolution. Despite any potential difficulties, remember your rights and the possibility of obtaining professional legal assistance. Our law firm is prepared to offer you the necessary support and protect your rights in this important matter.